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Let's Get Started

So, you need a new website for your business or organization and you've decided that you'd like to take the first few steps to see if Elling Technologies is right for you. Here's the next steps to take:

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us with your questions and comments or just to see how we can move forward together on your project. You can do that by contacting us via:


Working Together & Pricing

Once we've talked and determined if you want to entrust your project to Elling Technologies, the rest of the process is as follows:

  1. A thorough video or phone conference (or in person, if possible) determining functionality, design and other details of the project Most development done at Elling Technologies is on a per hour cost basis unless it is a large/ complex project. Our standard rate is around $75.00 per hour. After discussing the project Elling Technologies will develop a price quote to what the development time will be to produce a quality site that meets project goals.
  2. Elling Technologies prepares a proposal for your review including all functionality, budget, timeline, and working policies. You review that document and we tweak it until it's right.
  3. A small down payment ( usually 25%), you only pay the balance of the project once you're happy with the project.
  4. When our proposal is confirmed, we move into development according to the cost and timeline in the proposal.